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North Face Sale girlfriend's father or mother
6000 to kill girlfriend's biological biological dad Arthur Burney

Teen confesses he was paid $6, 000 by girlfriend's mother for killing husband in grisly murder for hire plotmichael richardson, 19, gets 28 years in jail after pleading with guilty to second degree murdersays he was offered $6, 000 to kill his North Face Sale girlfriend's father or mother

Arthur burney found shot to death in his barn in february 2011his wife patricia burney in prison for first degree murder last yeargirlfriend michelle burney was taken into custody of juvenile affairs officialsdaily mail reporteran oklahoma city teenager was sentenced to 28 years in prison after pleading guilty to killing a man in what prosecutors have called a murder for hire scheme.

Emmanuel richardson, 19, was sentenced to 28 years in prison after asking guilty on monday to a second degree murder charge in wagoner county district court in wagoner, ok.

Richardson was charged in the death of 53 year old arthur burney the daddy of richardson's girlfriend last year coweta, okla.

Charged:Michael richardson was sentenced to 28 years in prison after asking guilty to second degree murder charges

His guilty plea came out of a plea agreement with prosecutors in the event.

His North Face Sale:http://www.skyoga.co.uk/ body was found in a barn on his property last month 18, 2011.

Pictured:The woman who became human fireball after she was set on fire by ex lover at 7 eleven.As it's presented she was denied restraining order two weeks before attack

Snagged on camera:Woman subterranean worker is pushed onto live tracks(Before attacker is punched in face by incensed voyager)

Cosmetics queen, 16, 'killed by convenience store clerk and dumped in a field' after planning on buying a coke

Richardson North Face:http://www.skyoga.co.uk/ apparently told the court last year that burney's wife patricia offered him a sum of $6, 000 to kill her man.

Mother and princess:Patricia burney, went to leave, commanded richardson to shoot her husband with a rifle after picking him up with her daughter and North Face UK Sale richardson's girlfriend michelle burney, better

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