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Lacoste Men Boots also helped to

From harness workshop to luxury goods http://www.groupe-lagrange.co.uk/

French fashion house hermes was http://www.groupe-lagrange.co.uk/womens-lacoste/womens-outwear.html established in 1837.The company specializes in luxury goods, including leather and silk couture and accessories.A ready-To-Wear line is also available under the hermes label.

Originally, hermes was established by thierry herm�s as a harness workshop.The company served the european nobility from its location in paris.Hermes' dedication to quality and design landed him numerous accolades, including prestigious awards at the 1867 expositions universelles, held in paris.

After theirry's son charles-Ï¿½mile took over, the company moved to a new location, where it has remained throughout the years.Saddlery was introduced to the company's creations and the store began selling its goods as retail.Soon the company was providing goods to the upper classes, not just across europe, http://www.groupe-lagrange.co.uk/womens-lacoste/womens-polo.html but also throughout the world, including north africa, asia and the americas.The first bag to be released by hermes was the haut � ourroies, introduced in 1900, and intended to assist riders in carrying their saddles with them.

In 1918, the company, now under the watch of adolphe and �mile-Maurice hermes, began introducing leather garments, beginning with a leather golf jacket, which included zippers.Hermes was the first company in france to begin adding zippers to their pieces.The first leather handbags were introduced in 1922.

Hermes previewed its first collection of couture women's clothing in 1929.The famous kelly bag was introduced in 1935 and the classic hermes scarves became part of the collection in 1937.The company continued to grow, establishing fashion dominance throughout the world, including new york city.Watches and other accessories were added to the collection, all relying on high standards of quality and a desire for timelessness and elegant style.

During the 1970s, hermes experienced a slight decline.Some have attributed this to the company's insistence on using only the finest natural materials, while other fashion houses turned to synthetic fabrics.The downward slide was halted during the 1980s, when unusual and modern pieces such as motorcycle jackets were added to the collection.A successful advertising campaign designed to introduce classics like the hermes scarf to a whole new generation of consumers also helped to bring the company's sales back up.

Lines of glassware, silverware and tableware were created under the hermes name, as well as stationery, footwear, enamel, decorative art and jewelry.The hermes silk scarf is still a mainstay of the company, and has http://www.groupe-lagrange.co.uk/socks.html turned up in a number of unusual places, including a postage stamp, the cover of life magazine, a sling for a broken arm and in numerous movies.

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